Things I’d like to try this year….

Things I’d like to try this year….

1. Lithograph & Linocut printing: I’ve always shrugged off the idea of printing (asides screen printing), thinking it wasn’t really for me, but more recently I’ve come across some work that inspires me to give it a try. That said, I might as well use my time at uni to my advantage, as I have access to these proccesses and should take advantage of that. There is an entire world out there I’ve yet to explore and would definitely like to spend some time this year getting dirty and covered in ink.

2. Letterpress: Unfortunately, I have no access to letterpress facilities, but would like to explore ways around this and try other techniques that are similar. I have found some lovely tutorials on embossing, and whilst not the same thing, it will have to do.

3. Screen Printing: Obviously, I’ve already dabbled in this but would like to continue and push it further, creating more intricate and colourful pieces.

4. Analogue Working Methods: I have found myself falling into the trap of working digitally this past year and would like to escape that and push myself to work traditionally. Obviously, my reference to printing shows such a desire, but I would also like to play more with paint and ink. I’ve done some painting with gouache this year and though I’m not pleased with the results, with practice and persistence, I may surprise myself.

5. Create a book: I would love to take the opportunity of relative freedom and access to work space to create my own book. Perhaps just a book of prints made by myself, but also then bound and covered by myself. I would like to maybe create a small run of 5 or 10 books, maybe to sell on etsy (if anyone would be interested in a book of my prints) or similar.

6. Make things: After an awkward start to my product briefing, I ended up with a piece I quite liked in my cushion and would like to further explore this. I would like to carry on trying to create more of these things. More cushions, perhaps, or a hand-made set of wallpaper. I suppose you could also categorise my desire to create a book here as well.

(linocut by Angie Lewin.)