The Chase

The Chase

This morning at uni we had the opportunity to hear some wise words from visiting guest speakers The Chase, a design agency based in Manchester, London and Preston. Originally meant for the third years, us lowly second years were invited as well and we were part of the audience for their associate director Lise Brian and in-house designer Mika Shephard. They handed out advice on getting work after graduation (hence it being geared towards the up-coming graduates) and it was good to hear words of advice being reaffirmed and of course, new advice as well. From contacting agencies to portfolio presentation, it was all covered.

After the lecture itself, we were invited to show our current portfolios to the two ladies, who happily and patiently obliged. Though again this was aimed more at the third years, I thought I should take advantage of the opportunity and luckily had organised a quick portfolio to show (in my new purple portfolio none the less). I was the only second year to do, quite surprisingly. And I am ever so glad I did! It was so absolutely positive and reaffirming to have my work looked at by a long standing and respected professional who was under no obligation to do so.

Lise, who was the one who looked at my work, was full of praise and positivity for my work, which was brilliant. I am so quick to shoot myself down, hearing good things about my work does make me realise sometimes I am too hard on myself and am quick to slate my work.

She loved my use of bright colour (she says she sees so much monotone work) and pattern and that my work was presented very well. But more importantly (for my ego), that my work was very strong and well done and that if I keep working in the direction I’m currently headed that I will definitely be a working illustrator! Of course, the paranoid Megan wants to think that this is empty praise and of course, no one could say such things about my work and mean it, but I really do want to believe it and I do feel so much better for it. 😀 Praise from the outside world does no end of wonders for the creative soul.

I think this had really boosted my self-esteem as well as my creative mind. Even though I’m still not “feeling very creative” at the moment, I definitely feel more inclined to break out of this rut. I think this showed this afternoon upon embarking on my latest brief, that though the ideas did not flow freely as they sometimes do, that I am headed back onto the right path and will make the most of this new brief and the opportunities it offers.