Portfolio visit: Lost in the Forest / Thoughful

Portfolio visit: Lost in the Forest / Thoughful

I had originally been booked into see Stuart at LITFI, though he was unable to make our meeting. However, his colleague, Lucy stepped into his place.

It was an excellent and very positive portfolio viewing, like the others, which is nice. It’s lovely to get a much needed little confidence boost. I’m still struggling to find a happy place when it comes to my work and I still bring myself down so much. I see others, who I know I’m better/more skilled than, who have so much more confidence than myself. And that’s why they get work. So, if I want to carry on getting work, or an agent in the future, I need to step it up and feel proud of myself for what I can do, rather than be so hard on myself. Though easier said than done.

Anyway, so Lucy and I spent a good long while chatting about my work and she made me think about how I can apply it to more than just paper. I’ve been thinking about this for a while myself, but Lucy, as a graphic designer, sees beyond just pretty pictures. She gave me some ideas to think about, ones that had never crossed my mind, and it excites me to think about where I can take my work in the future. I’ve always been afraid of pushing it, for the fear that no one else will like/understand where I’m coming from, which holds me back in so many ways. I know I have some great ideas, it’s having the confidence to say “this is what I’m doing, whether you like it or not”. It was good to be pushed into thinking about it more and actually conversing with someone outside of my head (I talk to myself a lot). I’m going to start recording my ideas in a book, because knowing my goldfish memory, it’ll all be gone by tomorrow if I don’t.

She liked my entire portfolio and couldn’t decide on a favourite piece, but she said she loved my fashion illustration and could see it working in many ways. Just another confirmation it’s what I should be doing, because it’s what I love and what I’m good at. I enjoy all types of illustration, but fashion just comes so naturally to me.

Lucy has told me she wants my final end of year show to be the biggest and best and told me to keep in touch. I hope I don’t let her down.