Portfolio Visit: Craig Oldham @ Music

Portfolio Visit: Craig Oldham @ Music

Last week I had a second portfolio visit with Craig Oldham of Music, a Manchester-based design agency.

I had met Craig previously, as myself, Dom and Paul are in the midst of working on a collaboration with Music itself and, of course, Craig had previously visited the college as a guest lecturer, for which I designed the poster.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Craig and we moved into the “fish tank” to begin our meeting. He was very busy and told me he’d have limited time to see me, but I think we spoke for about 30 minutes, which is not too bad. I had spent about an hour with Helen at Taylor O’Brien, which I thought a generous amount of time. As time was short, we got right into it and I passed my portfolio over to him.

I started by explaining each piece as he came across it, stating which I enjoyed the most and not. Surprisingly, my piece for Macmillan that I did last year was his favourite, yet it’s one of my least favourites. He also felt my editorial and 8×8 were my weakest pieces, which again, is funny, as they seem to be others favourites (though not of mine). He said my portfolio was the most eclectic he’d ever seen, but he felt that worked in my favour as it shows, much like Helen said, that I would be easy to work with as I can stretch myself to the clients needs. He also told me not to let anyone to convince me to change my varying ways of working as he feels it will lead me to success. He liked how strong my technical skills were, particularly in the hand-rendered work (cicada and fashion illustration) and that it was nice to see such strong skills across both traditional and digital work.

Overall, it was quite a successful visit and I left feeling reassured about the diversity in my portfolio. It also confirms that I have the skill and would like to spend more time working in traditional methods after spending so long focusing on digital.