Poonam Mistry

Poonam Mistry

I sent the talented Poonam Mistry an e-mail asking her some questions about her work and proccesses, to which she kindly responded.

1. What inspires you to create the work you do?
Everything really. I love nature and world culture, I like vintage items and hand crafted ornaments. Things that have a history and story behind them.

I love how different countries have their own specific styles and patterns and I like to use these in my own work. I usually base my work on old stories and myths and add a new contemporary twist to them. I don’t feel alot of illustration that exists celebrates world culture and I like to hope that my work does.
2. Pattern is an unwavering theme running through your work. Have you always used pattern so effectively, or was it something you developed/discovered a passion for over time?

I never actually drew using pattern before. It was something I learnt to do whilst I was studying at university. I think it was a case of trial and error. I wanted my illustrative style to reflect a part of me and as I have been brought up around Indian culture and pattern, my style came quite naturally.
3. Do you have any artists you look up or take inspiration from?

I try not to look at artists for inspiration. I look at books, fabrics, architecture, things like that. I love old victorian buildings and religious buildings. You can get great ideas for shapes and patterns from them. I adore Rob Ryan’s papercuts, his work is beautiful.

4. What advice would you give a current student in finding their illustrative voice/language?
To not look at illustrators you like and to copy them. Your illustrative voice should be an honest reflection of yourself. Look at other forms of art and things that inspire you and it will come naturally, its shouldn’t be something forced. 
A big thank you to Poonam for your response and kind words.

(image from http://poonammistryillustrator.blogspot.com)