Personal Project – Final(ly)!

Personal Project – Final(ly)!

Finally sharing something to do with the many times aforementioned “Personal Project” back from term one of this academic year. Well, I have to say, it’s not what I’ve described before, a usual, I went off another completely different tangent (I’m so fickle!) and started anew, again.

I hummed and ha-ed over this project for ages and struggled to begin it when it was first briefed, to the point where I didn’t start it. Unfortunately, I am my own worst enemy and my depression took over me for the majority of first term rendering me useless (more than usual, anyway). As I have said before, I am lucky to have understanding tutors and an understanding doctor and was sorted out and given some extra time. Well, that time has come and I am now able to unveil the long awaited “personal project”.

Eight ideas later (and nearly as many starts), I settled on the theme Marie-Antoinette. It allowed me to creative something decorative whilst telling a story that everyone knows. I was also able to add a bit of humour to the project, which I rarely do. Though perhaps you may not find it as funny as I do.

I decided to stick to designing for the outcome of a scarf, because despite all of my talk of scarves, I’ve yet to go there. Also, with a scarf, I didn’t necessarily have to create a “scene” or a distance story.

So, I started by sketching my ideas out (which can be found on my research blog) and finally drawing my idea of Marie-Antoinette.

This is where my sense of humour kicks in – her holding her own head with a look of surprise on her face. Yes, I find that a little bit funny.

I then cleaned her up and inked her and ended with something like a page out of a colouring book. Not a look I particularly go for, normally.

I then spent ages playing with colouring her and nothing seemed to work, be it markers, paint or digital colouring, it all just looked… shite. So I decided to colour her with markers and then play with the image digitally to see what I could come up. I don’t usually use digital filters, but at my wits end, I did and it came up with something I actually quite liked.

I also created a variety of wallpaper sketches and bits and bobs, which can also be seen for the most part, on the relevant research blog.

Then, I threw it all together to create (many slightly different varieties of) this:

I also played around with the colour and finally decided I’d like to to do multiple colour ways, each bringing the piece a different feeling/mood.

I had originally planned on going with the baby blues, pinks and mints most often associated with Marie-Atoinette, but I have a strong aversion to baby blue and couldn’t bring myself to do it (and it looked rubbish), so I went with a more 1970’s colour scheme (as seen in the first image) which I feel livens the piece up. From there, the purple and yellow came from one of my favourite colour combination.

I am currently waiting on some quotes from various printers (so expensive so far!) and then will be sending it off to be digitally printed and turned into a real life scarf, hopefully.