New Years Resolutions…

New Years Resolutions…

… are not something I normally do, as I never see much point as I’m not much inclined to follow them for more than a few weeks (like most people I know). However, this year, I’ve decided I’m going to set myself some goals. I’ve looked back at 2011’s resolutions (there are none for 2012) and I feel I have achieved many of them, whether it was intentional or not. I definitely think my illustration has gotten a lot more interesting since then and I’ve grown a lot as an artist. This year, however, is the year I push myself towards success – not just through work, but everywhere else in my life as well. Unlucky 13 they say? Not for me, I am making 13 my lucky number.

1. Stop with the self doubt – probably one of the most difficult things to overcome for me, but I’m going to look at my life and all it’s aspects in a more positive light. I will see the good and try to push away the bad.

2. Continue to evolve as an artist – Whilst I feel I have grown leaps and bounds these last few years, I’d like to continue to push myself to create new ideas and express them in different ways.

3. Live a more healthy life – Whilst I don’t live a terribly unhealthy lifestyle, I’d like to pay more attention to what goes into my body and push my physical limits. I’m not about to run a marathon (I don’t run!), but I am going to become more active.

4. Get out more – This sounds like an easy one, but I like not leaving my house (sad, yes), so this year I aim to be more social and get out to more events/parties/super markets/friends houses.

5. Get where I want to be – I’m giving myself 12 months to obtain what I want from life, career-wise. Whilst I know this is a push, it’s a push I need and I do realise whilst I may not achieve everything I want to, I need to start somewhere.