New Years Resolutions, or something like that.

New Years Resolutions, or something like that.

I’ve decided this year, for the 1st time in many, that I’m going to make a list of resolutions. I’ve always had an issue with new years resolutions, because if you really want to make a change, why not start now? Well, this year, I’ve decided to go against my own personal flow and make a list… especially as now is new years anyway. Two birds, one stone. I’m going to create a list, both professional/studious as well as personal, and this time next year I’m going to re-hash this post and see what I saw through. I, the Lady of no will power.

Professional/Studious – 

  1. Spend more time on my university briefings, up the level of quality.
  2. Start promoting my illustrations/designs and get some more freelance work.
  3. Get my etsy, etc… up and running (and promote with above).

Personal –

  1. Go to the gym more often with my gym buddies Laura & Rosie. Tone up, lose weight, etc.
  2. Produce more personal illustration work just because I can.
  3. Travel more.
  4. Be more sociable – Say yes to event invites every so often.

I may, at any time, add to this list. I am going to try, however, not remove any goals, unless they become redundant. Will strike off any successes as they happen (for the one off goals).