New Year Illusa-tions

New Year Illusa-tions

Illustrative resolutions that is…

Now, I know it’s overdone and traditional to make a list of resolutions at this time of year and if you read blogs in general, you’re probably going to be tired of them very soon… but, tough.

This last year has passed me by very quickly and it was one of the toughest years of my life emotionally, atleast the last half of it and I feel 2013 escaped me entirely. So, I want to make 2014 the year that 2013 couldn’t be… a good year, in all aspects of my life. Of course, illustration and design are a major part of my life, being my job and passion both. So on that note, I’ve decided to make a list of career/blog-orientated resolutions and share them here so I’m somewhat obligated to make an effort to keep up with them. In no particular order or importance:

1. I aim to list minimum one new item on etsy/big cartel for sale each month. It may be a card design or an art print.

2. I plan on doing a 30 day challenge, likely starting in January, and will post the results here. Though I may end up posting several at one go every few days.

3. I have folders and folders of inspirational illustration and design on my external HD and my laptop that I’m going to start sharing. It’ll be a basic image and artist credit, maybe with a little blurb saying what I like about it kind of post and I hope to do this once a week. I want to share what inspires me, whether it’s obvious or more subtle and I enjoy when others do this, so hopefully you’ll appreciate it as well.

4. A simple and obvious one – I plan on blogging more. I have many thoughts and ideas that would be ideal for sharing here, so now to sit down and write it all down on occasion!

5. Number five pertains to number one, in it’s own way. I want to start creating more personal work. Since graduating I haven’t really spent anytime on stretching my illustrative wings.

6. Which leads to a related goal – utilise more media than I currently do. I have a bad habit of hoarding purchasing art supplies and putting them away neatly, never to think of them again. Infact, I’m so guilty of this that I have multiples of many supplies. Time to use them.

That’s it for now. I may come back and edit this post if I think of anything else (I know I’m missing SOMETHING).

Are there any goals you think I should aim for or anything you’d like to see from me particularly?