New Blood Fundraising

New Blood Fundraising

Quite some time ago, my university colleagues decided we’d like to attend D&AD’s New Blood exhibition in London this June. With government funding cuts and what not, we were short of cash to go so decided to fundraise. We sold cupcakes (many, many cupcakes) and other creative bits. As I am incapable of creating edible cupcakes (unless it’s out of a box – I’m not THAT bad), I hand-made/printed some notebooks, tote bags and greeting cards.

We started with greeting cards for Mother’s day and at this point I took the chance to also have a go at creating handmade/printed notebooks.

I was happy with my designs for both the cards and notebooks, especially as I had the chance just to make “pretty” stuff, which is what I enjoy most.

Another event we hosted a stall at was the Stockport Teenaged Market. For this, we sold left over cards from Mother’s day (the one’s that weren’t too “mother-ish” atleast), I screen printed some tote bags and made some more of the notebooks.

Whilst due to time being cut short on the day I printed the bags, I enjoyed it and would like to further explore the textiles side of illustration. I think if I was able to spend more time on it I could really create some nice (saleable) items.

After all the sales, we were *nearly* successful in raising enough to go to London. Luckily, the head of our department stepped in and brought our total up. So, if you’re in London between the 25th and 28th of June, please come by and see me! The 28th is my birthday, so atleast come by and say Happy Birthday if nothing else. 😉