New beginnings…

New beginnings…

With a new academic year comes a new look and url for this blog. For those of you who have followed me over from blogger, thank you. To any possible new readers, hello.

After spending a summer struggling to even pick up a pen (when I did, the pen, not me of course, would merely make a mess), I have entered my third and final year of my honours degree in Illustration. I always planned to attack year three with all I have; I wanted to create for myself, do with my time as much as it is possible to do in my waking hours and enjoy it. I have to admit, though it’s only been a week, it’s been a slow start. The pen still alludes me, but atleast I am beginning to have ideas again. Which feels pretty great, considering my idea-well was beginning to appear as dry as the mojave desert in the height of summer.

With new briefs comes renewed creativity, even if the briefs I’ve been offered aren’t neccessarily my cup of tea. I am currently working on a brief to do with eco-sound racing cars. If you know me, you’ll know all I know about cars is what colour selection they come in. However, my illustrative style is quite clean cut and graphic(ish at times) which I feel is suited to such the project so I thought I’d set myself a challenge and choose the brief whose subject I knew the least about. As my friend Katie and I were the only ones in a class of 20+ to select this particular brief, we decided to work together and make our strongest contribution rather than compete (these are live briefs that have a “real world” outcome). We both bring different things to the illustrative table, as it were, and I think we’ll create something that reflects both of us and that also works for the client. It’s quite funny actually, Katie and I both have such similar influences yet our resulting work is always so different from one another. Where one of us has a weakness, the other has a strength – a nicely balanced team. It helps I actually like and get on with Katie as well – always a plus.

Hopefully this brief is the end of this struggle of mine to create. This, amongst many other projects that I have coming up, can only do so really or it’s all over, I suppose. I know I want to be a professional illustrator/designer when I finish and this is the period in which we’ll find out if I’m made of the right stuff. I am going to embrace this year with all my heart and soul, learn as much as I can, grow as much as possible as an artist and find voice.

It’s time.