Mr. Micah Lidberg answers some questions…

Mr. Micah Lidberg answers some questions…

I e-mailed a few questions to the ultra-talented and a great inspiration to myself, Micah Lidberg, who’s work you may recognise from the current (issue 5 – an issue dedicated to my first love, pattern!) Nobrow cover. His work was actually the reason I purchased this issue, so I was quite pleased when he took the time to reply to my e-mail.

1. How did you begin your working life as an illustrator? Do you work at it full-time?

do work as a full-time Illustrator. However, I didn’t start out that
way. I left school in 2007 and worked a bunch of odd jobs while
freelancing until I became a full-time freelancer in 2010. 
2. Do you work from home or a studio? What do you enjoy about where you work and what benefits do you think it has?
have a separate office/studio in my apartment. It’s great to have a
distinct space in your house because it’s close but you can still keep
work and life relatively seperate.

3. Could you describe your working method? From idea to execution?

do a lot of daydreaming and just imagining possibilities. Out of that
process comes a handful of ideas that I sketch out. Once one direction
is selected, I make a more robust sketch. This sketch I use as a
framework to make the final. I draw the final by hand and then color and
assemble the image digitally.

4. Have you got any tips for upcoming illustrators (some of whom are still studying)?

Keep making. It’s good to make as much as
you can because it’s an effective way to develop your work. Also, make
the things you’ll want to be making.

5. Finally, what do you like most about being an illustrator? And the least?

really like the freedom I have to explore and share ideas. I think
ideas and information are becoming more and more valued and it’s great
to feel that you’re contributing to that exchange. I’m not sure what I
like the least… it may be the hours. While I try my best to have a
consistent schedule, sometimes late nights and early mornings are

(Nobrow image from Nobrowwebsite.)