MMU Grad Show 2010

MMU Grad Show 2010

On monday, Dom and I decided to visit the 2010 MMU Grad show at the All Saints campus.

We visited the Foundation show, as well as the Interactive Design, Fashion/Textiles and Illustration shows.

Focusing on the Illustration show firstly, I cannot say I was all that impressed as it was not what I expected from graduate level illustrators. I found the quality of the displayed work was poor, in both the quality of the prints themselves as well as in the finish of the actual work. There also did not seem to be a market which many of the pieces were aimed at and I left feeling many of the works displayed were poorly researched. Not something you’d expect of a third year student. I was also disappointed, that unlike in the Textiles show, that there were no printed catalogues of the exhibition to purchase as I was looking forward to being able to take away some information about a few of the artists (especially as many of the business card/postcard holders were empty). What I did enjoy was the fact that much of the work was analogue and you were able to see the artists marks, though this was to the detrement of some of the works as the quality of some of the finished pieces was not all that high. Perhaps I am biased, but overall, our own show was much better presented and the quality of the exhibition, though smaller, was much higher.

However, not all fell trapped to the above criticisms; I did come away admiring a couple of the students work:

Ruth Faulkner was one of the artists that really stood out for me and I love the visual texture and “rough edges” in her work.

Ryan Birkinshaw was another artists whose work I enjoyed. I loved the detail and the theme of his pieces (Moby Dick) and how he interpreted it as illustration (his pieces show research!).

and finally,

Louis Cochrane, whose work I enjoyed for the simple reason that I like his style. (image from his online portfolio as I did manage to take any photos of his work.)

All in all, I’m glad I took the opportunity to visit this show, even though I felt a lot of the exhibition left a lot to be desired, there were a few jewels to be found.

To view my photos from the other shows, go here.