Map Illustration Research

Map Illustration Research

As part of the project I’m currently working on, to do with the Beauty Myth as well as other lifestyle misnomers, I am creating a map. The map will track what “beauty” is around the world, be it natural, modified , healthy or unhealthy. As I’ve never created a map before, I’ve been looking at A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers published by Gestalten, which I bought a few weeks back, for inspiration.

I’m looking for layout ideas more than anything else, but also general ideas of how to translate my research into images without being too literal. I’ve shared a few samples from the book which I’m currently looking at and have shared them below, with links back to the original artists.

Cinta Arribas | Anna Härlin

Masako Kubo

Gen Design Studio | Bakea

Martin Haake

Now for the sketching and planning to begin!