Lord Whitney

Lord Whitney

(Image © Lord Whitney)

This past monday morning at university, we had the opportunity to see the Illustrative duo Lord Whitney in their finest lecture form. Unfortunately, before I knew of this event I had booked a portfolio viewing (as you can read about below) so had to give it a miss. However, they were kind enough to spend their afternoon with us, discussing our work and woes with us individually. Whilst it was very informal, it was nice to speak to the girls about their experiences of getting into the illustration industry. They identify as 3D illustrators, which is a world away from my work, but underneath it all, we all have the same hopes and fears of where we want to be. It was refreshing how honest they were about the years since graduation, how money was tight, they were sidelining as waitresses, that opportunities didn’t just fall into their lap. So many illustrators, when asked, seem to say they were “lucky and got a job straight away and now they’re happy and have loads of money”. I don’t think this is true for the majority, and some must be telling porkies! We discussed where I was at this stage and how I was handling the work, which was also nice, as it seems to be a given that we all find third year stress free and happy-times by other creatives.

We also had a look through my book, which I obviously had on hand as I had just returned from Taylor O’Brien and my portfolio viewing there. They were glad to see I had such a strong portfolio at this stage in the game and had developed my work nicely and professionally. It’s nice to hear such positive feedback once again – I just hope the art directors still feel this way when it comes time to hire me.

At the end of the day, we were also set a short brief by the pair, to do as quickly or developed as we saw fit. We were asked to simply illustrate a compound noun, either of our choice or from the list they supplied. I had a quick go at it last night and quite enjoyed it. I chose “doghouse” as my word, made a quick sketch and painted it in evern quicker with watercolour. Total time, about 20 minutes.:

I would like to take it further, as I quite enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I’ll have time. It was a different way of working for me, as I added humour into the piece, which is something I usually avoid doing within my work as it makes me roll my eyes. But it was fun to be a bit cheeky (dogs smelling other dogs bums).