London visit – Pt. 3 Pick Me Up

London visit – Pt. 3 Pick Me Up

Quite some time ago now, when I was in London in March, I had the opportunity to attend the Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House (an beautiful location, wish I had taken some photos of the interesting art in the courtyard).

I had originally planned on meeting the rest of my uni group there (those going anyway), however it seems I was early and they were late, so we didn’t cross paths. So, I took in the show solo.

There was a large selection of artists, of varying interest to myself, so I’ll just share the ones that caught my eye. I was familiar with quite a few of the artists prior to the event, having been following their various blogs or following them on twitter for quite some time, but it was nice to see their work in person. Especially as it was much more tangible (to the eyes, at least) and you caught a greater sense of what the artist had intended.

The Artists of choice, in no particular order:


Paul X Johnson – I particularly enjoy his use of figures, as they keep a semblance of real proportion and shape, which I like. His work is quite sombre and has a lovely overcast sensation with regards to his colour choice.


Riikka Sormunen – I had come across Riikka’s work prior to the show and had recently started bookmarked her website to for future reference. Like Paul’s above, I like her use of the realistic-ish figure and moody scenes.


Zeloot – Great colour, pattern, sixties-esque. What’s not to love?


Kristjana S Williams – Another one of those you can’t help but love and in person, you definitely can’t help stick your nose right up to the glass for another look.

And those are my choice four from Pick Me Up. Of course, there was other great and talented artists, but these were by far my favourites. However, despite these and the others I liked, I did find a good chunk of the work on display to be quite uninspiring and lacking, still, was definitely worth the look in and I recommend you visit in the future (2013 will be the 4th year of the show).