London – Day One – Sainsbury’s Magazine

London – Day One – Sainsbury’s Magazine

So, I’m back from London. I lied about updating whilst I was down south, I was too drained at the end of each day, there was a lot going in only three days.

I arrived in London mid-afternoon and after checking into my hotel I headed to Islington to my meeting with Isabella, the art director at Sainsbury’s Magazine.

The meeting itself was very informative. We went through my portfolio and Isabella focused on helping improving the layout of the book. Giving advice such as removing the logo and labels from the individual projects, instead just naming the client/purpose. She also recommended making my work bigger on each page and putting a couple of pieces I never considered into mock-layouts. She said art directors/editors often get ideas for briefs based on the illustrators portfolio, so try and inspire them with your work as well. Overall, I found the advice on my book layout very helpful, anything to make it more professional.

She also suggested I put some of the work I’ve done for clients, such as Company which I had left out, back into my book. It allows Art Directors to see what other magazines you work with, helps them imagine your work in context (if there is none – such as personal work) and suggests to the AD that if other magazines use your work/trust you, so should they.

She was very positive about the work itself and it was a promising meeting – with mention that my work could very much be used for their magazine according to Isabella and her boss. So fingers crossed.

We also discussed my attending New Blood in London in July (fingers crossed that it happens) and she asked me to let her know if we do attend so she can come and see our stand. I’ll write more on New Blood when I have the confirmation we’re able to attend and start fundraising.