Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search – Results

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search – Results

So, a few weeks back, I posted an image entitled “Journal“, which was a piece I had entered in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2013. I only shared the image and not it’s purpose as I didn’t want to share it until properly until I knew the results of the contest thus far.

The piece was created with the theme “Playground” in mind with the outcome of a journal design. I tried to think of ways around tackling the tradtional “happy” playground and finally came up with the idea of playground as memory, stored away in the back of the mind. I interpreted this as a homemade snow globe, something that you may occasionally return to, as a momento of an important time/holiday, whilst still referring to the more traditional amusements to be found in a playground.

Well, it turns out I made the shortlisted 50 out of 1500 entrants! The results have been out for a while now, but I’ve only just gotten around to sharing the news here. I was so pleased to have been chosen for the top 50, it was more than I ever expected, I definitely didn’t think I’d be chosen out of so many talented artists (quite a few of whom I admire!). But, luckily and amazingly, I was.

Now it was time to work on round two.

The next round involved creating a design for a tote bag for a Farmers Market, with the theme being “Autumn activities”. Whilst my idea isn’t directly showing the activity in the image, it’s referring to the holder of the tote itself as being on a mission. Entitled “En route to an Autumn feast”, I created a basket design on the side of the tote full of the goodies you may find at a Farmers Market with which you may prepare a meal or take as a gift to a part/meal a friend or family member is hosting. The people in the basket can be seen perhaps as guests joining in, or interpreted as the people who’ve more recently been to the market itself.

So, that’s that! It has been submitted and I have my fingers crossed. I am just grateful for the opportunity to carry on into the second round, that being in the top fifty of such a large number of applicants is exciting in it’s own right.