Laura Laine

Laura Laine

For my second contact report I decided to contact the very talented (and great inspiration to myself), Laura Laine. Here are her answers to my three questions:

1. Your style is very unique. How long did it take you to develop your skill/style to the point where it is now? Have you always worked in a similar manner?
I never really developed any style consciously, I just always did what I felt like and I still continue that way so that my style keeps evolving continuously. That’s very important to me, I never want to be stuck to something, but naturally often when clients see what I have done previously they hope for something similar. So I think it’s important to draw for my own pleasure on the side of clientwork.

2. You seem to work mainly in pencil, with the ocassional splash of colour. I was wondering if you prefer to work in black & white or if you perhaps feel colour is a challenge to intergrate into your work?

Both are kind of true, I feel like I can best express what I want with lines and surfaces, and extra color would often only interfere with that. I think color shouldn’t be used recklessly. I like monochrome palette, but also greyscale for me is not same as the absence of color, it’s a choice same as anything else. I like the mood it gives the drawing.

3. What inspires your work? Do you have any artists you look up or take inspiration from?

Different things at different times, art, people, travelling, movies, literature, fashion etc. Lately I’ve been very inspired by 90’s Jean-Paul Gaultier, my trips to India, and early Luc Besson movies.

A big thank you to Laura for taking the time to answer my questions!

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