High Kicks & Low Life: Toulouse Lautrec

High Kicks & Low Life: Toulouse Lautrec

Whilst in the Tate Liverpool, we took a look in on the current special exhibition; High Kicks & Low Life: Toulouse Lautrec Prints. Unfortunately photographs of the exhibition itself were not allowed, but as a fan of the artist, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was interesting to view his works in context to how he created them, using such techniques as lithography and zincography. The exhibition of around fifty prints portrayed Toulouse Lautrecs works showcasing the decadence of Paris at night. My favourites section was the “Private Passions”, which proffered his views  and sensitivity towards the Prostitutes of Paris’s lives.

I enjoyed how his works focus on the figure rather than their surroundings and the delicate lines and use of colour he used through out.

“Only the human figure exists; landscape is, and should be” ~ Toulouse Lautrec

 I would like to spend  time exploring lithography as well as zincography when back in the studio this coming up academic year and develop my techniques and ideas through use of these processes. I think it would be interesting to see how it applies to my use of pattern and colour.

(images from my camera)