Graphic Guru: Natalie Wood

Graphic Guru: Natalie Wood

Graphic Guru poster by Natalie Wood

Recently, at university, we were appointed “Graphic Gurus”, graduates from years passed to become our mentors as such. I was matched with Natalie Wood, a 2009 graduate. Whilst I’ve not contacted Natalie about any illustration issues yet, I will be sharing our conversations here as I do.

We met up two weeks ago, which was an opportunity not just to meet our own gurus but also the others that were matched with other students. Including Chris Madden, Rose Lloyd, Ben Jones and Liam Bardsley.

It was interesting to speak to each illustrator and I had the opportunity to quickly share my work with both Chris and Liam, which I am pleased to say, received positive feedback. A much needed little boost, as I’m not really “feeling” illustration at the moment.

Keep checking back for more Graphic Guru updates!