From the Archives: Olle Eksell

From the Archives: Olle Eksell

As promised in my New Years resolutions post, I am going to be posting more often. Despite it being half way through January already (oops), I figured there was no time like the present to actually make good on these promises.

For my first subject, I have decided to create categories which to blog about, to keep me from getting repetitive and off course. For my first new category, I am going to feature a new artist each week and call it “From the Archives” which pertains to the massive folder I have on my external HD filled with hundreds of images from various artists and my ever-growing library of books. I’m constantly saving reference and inspiration pieces, quite often to go and completely forget about them all together. So, to kill two birds with one stone, my blog gets more content and I get my memory gets a little jog. Once I get going, you can always find my latest entry by selecting the From the Archives link in the categories list to the right.

“Gamla stan” 1939
So, let’s get started. My first featured artist to be pulled from the archives is Olle Eksell. Eksell was a Swedish Illustrator/Graphic Designer, whom I discovered through a beautiful book I purchased (purely based on it’s cover) from Amazon called Olle Eksell: Swedish Graphic Designer. The limited text in the book is in Japanese, so unless you read hiragana there is not a lot to be learned from the book itself – just plenty of images to admire. Despite being able to read little of it, it has become one of my favourite books and Eksell, one of my favourite artists. I, infact, have purchased a print of his piece “Gamla stan” and it hangs in pride of place on my living room wall.

You can find out more about Eksell, his life and see more of his work at

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