Drawing a Day #1

Drawing a Day #1

I’ve decided to do a drawing a day, unrelated (or perhaps just inspired by – ) to what I’m currently working on and might be unable to share. It allows me to try new ideas, new techniques and maybe just draw something I want to draw but have no “need” outside of doing it for personal reasons.

My first drawing(s) of the day is inspired by a brief I am working on at the moment, but it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing (despite having no real desire to get married myself).

I’ve really begun to enjoy creating and using textures, which I think is really beginning to show in my more current work. I like trying new textures, layering them for different effects – it’s a nice combination of prior works that I had done, I think.

I’ve also attempted to try something new, for me atleast. I have drawn many animals in the past, but have always kept to a somewhat “realistic” figure. However, I decided to try drawing the character a little skewered from reality (which is definitely a challenge to my proportion-mad self).

So, there you have it, my first drawing of the day! I do intend on keeping this up, though I may have to post multiple days at one time, depending if I can get around to blogging.