Books: Christie’s and Sotheby & Co (1966/1967)

Books: Christie’s and Sotheby & Co (1966/1967)

Christie’s Catalogue:

Sotheby & Co:

(Love the Telephone number and Telegram code:)

And I found a little surprise in the Sotheby’s catalogue, an advertising leaflet for a 1966 book fair in London in mint condition portraying an Alice in Wonderland etching.

These are the wee books I picked up from Rare & Racy in Sheffield on saturday. 20p each, I love the quality of the paper and the typography. In the Sotheby’s catalogue I came across a leaflet advertising a book fair from 1966 in mint condition, featuring Alice in Wonderland.

Next time I hope to take some proper time and really search through their amazing collection of books and come home with something more.