Bob Peake Interview Excerpt

Bob Peake Interview Excerpt

“Illustration is an interpretation of an idea.

This has nothing to do with technique – use of color, realism. These are mere tools.

It is not, as some people think, simply a matter of accurate rendering, although the artist has sometimes been reduced to a renderer. With the advent of photography, there was no longer a need for the artist to perform this function, and he shouldn’t be expected to. The camera does a far better job.

The artist’s reason for existence is the production of an idea. The finest illustrators working today all are people who work with ideas. If illustration is to do anything at all, it must be a part of the total creative problem.

So far as technique goes, the important thing is not to waste strokes. Draughtsmanship has always been easy for me, too easy in fact. At one point Albert Dorne told me, “You’ll have to uncreate.”

I knew what he meant and had to work it into my way of approaching a creative problem. Now, in every assignment, there is a great deal of preparatory thought. The actual execution of a painting takes about three hours. Few of the drawings take over one hour. Really though, this is a misleading statement. A painting may take ten years… that is to say, it was ten years before I could do it.”

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