Beating the creative-lull.

Beating the creative-lull.

I’ve been really struggling to draw this past week and a bit… every time I pick up a pen and put it to paper, it seems a stream of shite (not literal shite, I hope you know…) flows out rather than my usual work. It’s been terribly frustrating, especially as I have many projects I need to and want to get on with. I’ve instead been focusing on the business side of my… business, but I really need to get on with some practical work at the moment.

You know, ever since I vowed to start a sketchbook, it’s all gone pear shaped and my creativity has walked out the door. Just saying, may or may not have any relevance. 😉

I’ve been going out for walks, listening to music, listening to podcasts, looking at book and other illustrators – all in hopes to be inspired, but nothing. I’ve even resorted to making a mood board and pasting down loads of work/ideas I’ve found inspiring in the past – still nothing.

Taking the old adage for authors – The only way to start writing is to write, I’ve decided to set myself a mini-project just to get myself going. My goal is to illustrate the horoscope, giving myself 30 minutes per character, including sketching, just to get drawing again – so be prepared for some wonky anatomy. So far, Aries and Pisces. No research has been done, but rather I’m relying on the knowledge of the subject that sunk in when I was a 15 year old who believed in fate.

They’re nothing I’m particularly happy/proud of, but atleast they’re getting me to do “something”.