Back… with a vengeance.

Back… with a vengeance.

It’s been a while, a long while, since I last posted. Life has been rather hectic since then, various events (both bad and good) have taken place and have distracted me from my desk.

The Good… we’ve (my boyfriend and I) bought a house, which we got an excellent deal on and now I get to decorate (as years as a renter, this is very exciting)! Since we bought, we’ve obviously moved and have only settled into our new place these last few days. Otherwise, it’s been packing, moving and unpacking (which never seemed to end). We’re going to be much happier here, I can tell. We have outside space, we have a lovely view, the rooms are so much more spacious and our neighbours have all been lovely and welcoming, and very importantly, the street is nice and quiet…

The bad… before we moved, a series of events unfolded at our old flat. The major one being, the shop we lived over (the Co-op) was ram raided at 3am one night, whilst we were in bed. We obviously got up to see what the noise was only to discover a 4×4 driving into the building along with several hooded lads with pick axes pulling out the cash machine from inside the shop (it was one of those stand alone machines). They were in and out in five minutes, though to us it seemed like forever. We were (and are) okay, but obviously, it made us a bit nervous, especially as our front door was often confused for a Co-op related door, so we were most worried they’d have a go at breaking into it. Luckily, they were only after the cash machine and left. That was just the beginning of a strange few weeks… which included the Norway Bombing/Killings, the death of Amy Winehouse and the UK riots and a local lad cutting off his bollock with a pair of scissors in the street (yes, really). After it all, we just felt very unsettled and on edge about where we were living, with no extra help from the news. Then the day before we’re meant to move, we have a couple of chavtastic idiots who had been drinking on our doorstep (!!) try to kick our door down for no good reason. Call to the police #2. You’d think we lived in the centre of a rough area, but no, we live in a posh-ish, village out in the country.

So, now we’ve moved away from the main road, onto a nice little avenue, we feel much more relaxed and I feel ready to take on life again. Though, at this point, life revolves around uni work. More on that in another post.

All that said, I’m back… I will be posting as regularly as possible from now on and even sharing new work as I create it. I’ll also be posting some research and other fun bits to bore you to death. 😉