And I’m back… so here’s a text-full update!

And I’m back… so here’s a text-full update!

So, I’m back from London, it was great. I had a grand time! We went to the V&A (if you’re in London, you must see the current exhibition The Cult of Beauty), the British Museum (where I may or may not have decided on the subject of my dissertation – if I don’t do an academic journal), Liberty of London (of course) and I snuck in some macarons from Ladurée, Harrods. Unfortunately I took only a handful of photos and none of these really tell much about my time in London, unless you’re interested in seeing hoards of Barcelona and Manchester United fans (it was the weekend of the Champions League, for those who weren’t aware). I did take some photographs within the British Museum, but as I may use these in my dissertation, I don’t want to share them quite yet. So, you can rest assured I enjoyed myself even if I have no visual proof. I, however, did make some lovely purchases, which may be shared here when I can get decent enough light to photograph them.

Whilst down London, on the sunday, I had a chance to meet up with a fellow illustrator whom I follow on twitter, Danielle Meder, with whom I had a lovely time discussing our craft and various other tidbits. It was lovely to meet a new face, especially one that runs in similar circles. She is a very talented fashion illustrator, so please do take the time to visit her blog.

Since I’ve been back, however, I have managed to become ill… again. I have only just recovered from a bad bought of the flu and now I seem to have quite a heady cold which is leaving me lethargic and full of headache, so I’ve not been up to much since I got back. I did manage to photograph some work for the fair my friend Laura and I are doing that I did before I left (jewellery), so I’ll share those here now.

Dala horse charm necklace, made of polymer clay and hand-painted. Approximately 2×2 inches in size

Hand-painted leather Triangle necklace. Hangs approximately six inches long, not including chain.

And a quick shot of a polymer “coral” necklace that still needs to be glazed before being photographed properly.

I have a lot of work to catch up on this week, including some work for clients, so whilst I won’t be able to post as much as I like, I’ll post when I can.