Purging ideas

Purging ideas

Just lately, I’ve been finding myself overwhelmed with ideas, which is pretty great for the creative front… However, my mind has been so full of these ideas, I’ve been unable to focus on anything, nevermind sit down and do the important work on my ever expanding to-do list. I’ve decided to spend an afternoon or two purging these ideas by putting them down on paper, however far I take them. Hopefully it will make room for the more pressing work I should be doing.

And it begins…

With my relatively recent foray into lifestyle illustration, I’ve gone full circle and come back to fashion. I know that my old fashion work was definitely not portfolio worthy and I’d like to let my new ways of working influence my current ideas a bit more.

Oscar de la Renta – S/S 2013

I’ve also got an idea I’m in love with and hope to take much further and possibly screen print posters of it. It’s child-friendly, in a way, but not quite – perhaps the final idea is a little dark. It was inspired by this doodle I created using some new pens

Whilst the doodle gives you the subject, it doesn’t share much more… so that will be a surprise.